Frequently Asked Questions

Can I submit my article, press release, or resource for publication here?

Yes, in fact, there are several ways to do that:

  1. Submit an RSS feed for your site here
  2. Submit an article, review or press release here (press releases or articles for a specific company require your email address to be on the company domain)
  3. Request a Contributor account using the Contact Form and then you can write your article or press release and submit it (note that to publish articles or press releases for a company, your email address will need to be on the company domain).

What type of articles, press releases, resources do you accept?

Almost anything video game development related.  See the Submission Guidelines.

Can I promote articles, press releases, or resources on this site?

Yes, in fact, we encourage it.  You can use pretty much any site you want to promote articles including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn and we have social media sharing buttons on each page to help make that easy.  In addition we suggest paid promotion including placing ads using Google Adwords, Facebook, Twitter, and Outbrain.  For paid promotion, we suggest Outbrain (see the next FAQ).

Do you have an suggestions for paid promotion with Outbrain?

We like Outbrain a lot.  We have used it quite a bit and it works quite well for certain types things (like promoting articles, reviews, blog posts, etc.)  Outbrain is a special advertising platform in that rather than placing banner ads or keyword ads, they place “Promoted Stories” or “From the Web” sections on major websites across the internet (such as CNN, Time, Fox News, The Guardian, Toms Hardware, HowTo Geek, etc. see their website for more).  These sections do not look like ads, rather they look like articles that are related to the article the person just read (and they are targeted) like this:


So with a decent title (probably somewhat clickbait) and a good picture you can easily get a lot of clicks for cheap. Don’t be fooled by their suggested bid amount, if your daily budget is modest at say $5, $10, or $20 a day, you can easily expend your daily budget at $.20 or $.25 a click and get way more clicks for less money than they suggest.  Pro tip:  after you create your campaign, to set a custom image (rather than whatever image Outbrain chooses from the post) use the “Add Multiple URLs and Titles” button from the “Manage Content” option and then just delete whatever content it created by default (this will make more sense once you have created a campaign, don’t worry it’s easy to disable a campaign once you have created it so you won’t be charged).  Their website is somewhat less than user friendly, but their results are very good.

What happens after my article or press release is published?

We immediately tweet the article on our Twitter account where our followers see it and hopefully like and retweet it (no guarantees, people have to like what you posted, either way they saw it, however) and post to our Facebook page.